The KonMari Method

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”

- Marie Kondo

The KonMari Method is a process for organizing your home once and for all (and then never again!) developed by Marie Kondo in Japan and popularized throughout the world by her books “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and it’s in-depth companion, “Spark Joy.” Marie was dissatisfied with the complexity, expense, and rebound of traditional organizing tips and tricks, and so she created a method to impart a more simplistic mindset of “choosing joy.”

It is a radically simple, yet flexible method for a new intentional lifestyle that starts in the home.

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KonMari Consultant Photo of Marie Kondo
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One guiding principle. 

Surround yourself only with things which "spark joy."

Two simple steps.

1. Discard first, reducing until you discover your "clicking point," the precise amount of things that is right for you.

2. Store second, aiming for simplicity and seeking the

already present underlying connectivity of your space.

 Three key techniques. 

1. Go category-by-category, not room by room. The categories are: Clothing, Books, Paper, Komono (a series of miscellaneous categories), and Sentimental Items.

2. Express gratitude to items you are discarding.

3. Store to see all your things in a single glance so that you can

build the relationship through positive interactions everyday.

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Illustrations Reprinted from SPARK JOY Copyright © 2015 by Marie Kondo. Illustrations copyright © 2012, 2015 by Masako Inoue. Published by Ten Speed Press.


Traditional Methods

  • Schedules to "tidy a little a day," to tip the battle against clutter in your favor. Repeated daily, weekly, or monthly without end.

  • Revolutionary (and pricey) storage systems custom made for your home, squeezing large amounts of items into small spaces. These systems can be difficult to maintain. 

  • Don't aim for perfection - go slow. But over the course of many months and years, many run out of steam or cannot keep the end goal in view.

  • Habits and tricks to incorporate into your life (and then repeat forever) to make sure the clutter never gets out of control.

  • Tidying stops when the home is finished, and rebound to clutter can often occur.

KonMari Method

  • "Tidy a little a day and you'll be tidying forever." Tidying should be a one-time event that banishes clutter once and for all.​

  • Storage solutions are often an expensive myth which help hide excess. Storage should be simple, intuitive, and allows you to see all your items in once glance, without breaking the bank.

  • "Aim for perfection, just once." Have you felt the peace and exhilaration of a space where every item is joyful and has a dedicated home? You deserve it!

  • Becoming tidy is not a result of habit, but of mindset. To abolish clutter, we must adopt a new, more intentional mindset and relationship with our things. KonMari emphasizes the process itself which brings about that mindset change.

  • The KonMari Method is more than simply tidying - it is a lifestyle which leads to dramatic change in your life by virtue of a new mindset of intention and meaning-making. What joy will you discover?

Quotes by Marie Kondo

Dramatic Life Change

What aspects of your life do you really need to tidy? Where is joy already hiding in plain sight? The method of discarding all things that do not "spark joy" and bringing intention to those that do can radiate to all corners of your life. Through the shift in mindset and lifestyle, KonMari thinking can affect:

      - Relationships

      - Jobs and careers

      - Hobbies and use of time

      - Thoughts and mental clutter

      - Body and diet

      - Spirituality

      - So much more!