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What is a KonMari Method Home Organizer?


Home organizers are professionals who can help you manage your clutter and create order in your home. I am a professional organizer who specializes in the KonMari Method of organizing, which we refer to as “tidying.” The concept of tidying is intended to be more comprehensive than traditional organizing and differs from it in many ways. You may also see individuals certified in this method referred to as KonMari Consultants, KonMari Tidying Consults, etc.

What is the KonMari Method? Who is Marie Kondo?


Marie Kondo is a Japanese home organizer who developed and popularized the KonMari Method of tidying with her book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and it’s companion “Spark Joy.” The KonMari Methods differs from traditional organizing techniques in a few key ways, including:

  • KonMari tidying is a one-time tidying celebration to be completed just once, all in one go, and then never again.

  • Conventional storage solutions are often a complex and expense myth to help hide excess. KonMari storage is simple, intuitive, and allows your to see all your items in one go, without breaking the bank.

  • Becoming tidy is not a result of habit, but of mindset. To abolish clutter, we must adopt a new, more intentional mindset and relationship with our things. KonMari emphasizes the tidying processes itself which brings about that change in mindset.

  • The KonMari Method doesn't stop in the home, it is a lifestyle that can lead to dramatic change in your life including: Relationships, Jobs and Careers, Hobbies and Use of Time, Thoughts and Mental Clutter, Body and Diet, Spirituality, and so much more!

Read more about Marie Kondo and the life-changing magic of the KonMari Method here.

Is KonMari the same as minimalism, and do I need be a minimalist?

The KonMari Method is not a minimalist philosophy and does not require its practitioners to adopt a minimalist mindset. KonMari focuses not on how much you have, but on the purpose and value each of the things you own adds to your life. The amount of things that bring a person joy varies from individual to individual. A KonMari home can have a great many items, so long as each item brings the owner joy and has a dedicated home. However, the method is very compatible with minimalism, and many minimalists or essentialists find that it fits perfectly into their lifestyle.

What is the difference between tidying/organizing and cleaning? Do you offer cleaning services?

Organized Whimsy offers professional organizing or tidying services. Tidying is concerned with the moving and organizing of things. Cleaning is concerned with the removing of dirt and dust. Organized Whimsy does not offer cleaning services, but I am happy to make recommendations of other companies who do.

Do you have certification and/or training?


I am a KonMari Certified Bronze Consultant. This means that I have completed the training process with Marie Kondo’s company, KonMari Media Inc., and that I have passed all related evaluations and exams. KonMari Consultants are not employees of KMI, but we are certified to practice her method with residential clients.

Where do you offer sessions?

I am based in San Francisco and offer in-home sessions throughout the Bay Area. For travel that exceeds more than 30 minutes from zip code 94122 I charge an additional $20 per session. For travel that exceeds 1 hour, I charge an additional $40. If you live outside the Bay Area, please contact me at shannon@organizedwhimsy.com for custom travel rates.

Do you offer non KonMari organizing services?

I truly believe in the life changing magic of this process, and I want to add value to the lives of clients and to help them succeed. At this time I am not offering non-KonMari organizing services. I am happy to step in if you find yourself stuck in the middle of your solo tidying journey, but I do not offer “just kitchen” or “just garage” type services at this time. See more information here on the transformative power of tidying all in one go!

Do you organize for businesses?

I do not currently offer business packages as a part of my standard pricing, but feel free to reach out to me at shannon@organizedwhimsy.com for custom office rates.

How do I become a consultant?

Individuals who wish to certify as a KonMari Consultant will need to have completed the method in their own home, attend a seminar with KonMari media, complete the practice hours and report evaluations, and take the exam. See Marie Kondo's website for more information on upcoming seminars and details of the training process.

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 Is This Method Right for Me?

How do I know if this method is for me?

The KonMari method is a radically simple, one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with your clutter. There are no prerequisites in terms of lifestyle or knowledge. Whether you have a lot of clutter or relatively little, the step by step process of the KonMari Method can add value to your life by revolutionizing your mindset and offering a fresh perspective on your relationship with your things. My intent is to meet you wherever you may find yourself in life physically, circumstantially, or emotionally and to guide you to tidy success.

Still not sure? I offer free consultations in-home, in-person, or by phone to listen, answer questions, and find where the magic of KonMari fits into your vision for your life. Book a free consultation here

Do I need to have read Marie Kondo’s books?

No! There is no prior reading or knowledge required to complete the KonMari Method in your home with a consultant. I am here to guide you through the process step by step. You may however find reading her book motivating and inspirational, and you can purchase them through Amazon here.

I’ve started the KonMari Method on my own, but I got stuck.

You’re off to a great start! If you have read Marie Kondo’s books and begun the tidying process on your own, you’re ahead of the game. Many people find it difficult to complete the process on their own and benefit greatly from the coaching of a consultant. If you have already begun the process, we will start with reviewing the categories you have already completed in order. We may find it useful to repeat some of these categories together, and some we may leave as is. I am happy to tailor the process to your needs!

I’ve worked with an organizer before and have rebounded to clutter – can you still help me?

Absolutely! Typically when individuals experience rebound after organizing, it is because a true change in mindset has not occurred, and the act of truly becoming tidy may not have been completed in the first place. Perhaps you have found that no matter how beautiful your storage system looks when you set it up, you can’t seem to maintain it. Perhaps you were able to organize certain rooms of your house, but others remain in clutter. The KonMari Method teaches that before your store or organize, you must first discard. Before an item can have a home, you must ensure that it has a joyful purpose. This emphasis on both discarding before storing is the heart of the KonMari Method and may have been missing in your previous attempts. If you have specific concerns about prior efforts in tidying, I would love to chat about them in a free consultation!

When do I have to decide if I want to commit?

I offer a couple options to give you control over how much of the process you commit to up front. If you feel confident that KonMari is a good fit for you, selection of one of my packages with payment upfront offers a significant discount. If you need to give it a try first, you are welcome to upgrade before your 3rd session for the full-home package or before your 2nd session for the mini-home package to receive the discounted rate. If you would like to take it step by step, you will want to choose the single sessions which can be booked without financial commitment to a full package.

I am very busy. Can you work with my schedule?

I am happy to be flexible in scheduling appointments, session hours, and can make accommodations so that the process fits with your life. I do tell my clients to expect that KonMari will be a commitment of their time and energy and encourage them to set asie the time up front. If you think of all the time and stress spent working around and through clutter over the years, I think most people can see the long-lasting benefit of tidying just once, all in one go, and then never again.





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What does one of your sessions look like?

The process of the KonMari Method takes us category by category through your home as opposed to room by room. It starts with Clothes, then Books, pPaper, a series of miscellaneous categories called “Komono” (kitchen items, bath/self care items, recreational items, etc.), and finally Sentimental Items. Each session will typically focus on one of these categories. We begin by collecting all items from the category in one space. Then, you will consider each item and ask yourself if it sparks joy (more on this below) and discard those that do not with gratitude. Finally, we will store the joyful items using KonMari Method techniques such as vertical storage (no piles – even for clothes!) and sub-compartmentalization.

How long is a session?

My sessions are typically 5 hours in length, the tested length of time that allows for maximum productivity without burnout. As we progress category by category through the process, if you find that a shorter session of 3-4 hours works best for you, there are categories that can accommodate this length. Larger categories such as Clothing, Paper, and Kitchen Komono typically require the full 5 hours. I am also happy to do longer sessions if the need arises.

How long will the process take?

The KonMari Method is a mission to tidy your home all at once, all in one go, and then never again. While I am happy to do marathon sessions in a short period of time, most people find that they complete the process in 6 months or less. Depending on your availability for sessions and the size of your home, the process may be shorter or longer. I am happy to provide an estimate of sessions upon my first visit to your home.

Do you do virtual sessions?

The KonMari Method is meant to be completed in person and in the home. While I do not offer virtual sessions, I am happy to offer advice any time to clients by phone, video chat, email, or text.

What is joy and how do I know if something sparks joy?

Even better - I can show you! Think of something you own that you would place in your top 3 favorite possessions. Hold it, direct your focus to it, and notice the sensations and emotions that arise. Do you feel love? Warmth? Nostalgia? Do you sit up straighter? Does it make you smile? Do you feel comfort or excitement? Whatever you feel - that's joy! Imagine a home where everything you owned brought you that sensation. Joy is a feeling, not something you can rationalize by being functional, expensive, a gift, or something you might need in the future. You already know in your heart what sparks joy for you, and the KonMari Method will help you discover that joy.

Will you make me get rid of things?

No! You are in control of your journey with Organized Whimsy. I will guide you, encourage you, and sometimes challenge you to look deeper at your attachment to things. But I will never tell you to discard or to keep any item. It is important that you make these decisions for yourself, and I will always respect that.

What do I do with the things I have discarded?

Most people choose to donate their discarded items to charities such as Goodwill, women’s shelters, etc. Organized Whimsy does not provide removal services for your items, and this is typically completed by you in between our sessions. The final act of disposal is an important part of the process of letting go and gaining independence from those items. I do not recommend giving your discarded items to friends or family as it may create doubt in your decisions or even pass the burden of clutter on to others.

Do I have to buy storage items? Are there any costs aside from your session and package fees?

I do not believe that you should need to spend money on more “things” to achieve a clutter-free life, and this includes storage systems and tools. Instead, I like to help my clients find creative ways to use the space and common items they already have in their homes. Shoe boxes, tea bag boxes, and small electronics boxes work wonders! I do occasionally make exceptions in the kitchen or other places where risers or boxes are useful to make use of the height of shelves.


Special Scenarios

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Have a question you don't see answered here? Send me a message here or at shannon@organizedwhimsy.com.

My family member(s) has a lot of stuff that does not belong to me. Can you help me with this?

If you have a desire to tidy your home, you probably want your family members to respect and support you in this. As a model of what that respect looks like, it will be our job not to push them to tidy unwillingly and not to let their actions (or in-actions) determine your joy. We will start with items that belong only to you or to your young children. Share what you love about the process if they ask. Joy is contagious! Many family members of clients are inspired to start their own tidying journey by the results they see in their loved one's lives.

Does this method work well for kids?

Definitely! The skills of being able to choose what items spark joy and giving them purpose are so valuable for children. Depending on the age of your child, you may want to assist them by presenting a few items and asking them to choose their favorites. Children as young as 3 can even start to learn the folding method and the fun of giving objects a home. I recommend that you complete each category for yourself first before teaching it to your children. I am happy to conduct these sessions jointly with you aiding your child, or solo for older children. We can discuss what works best for you and your family in a consultation.

What if my whole family would like to complete the process?

I am happy to offer family discounts and custom packages for families who would like to complete the KonMari Method together. I recommend that more personal categories such as clothing and sentimental be completed one on one, and during your consultation we can come up with a plan that works for everyone.

What if I’m moving, getting married, or experiencing another big life change – should I do it before or after?

I am happy to meet you wherever you are at in life, whatever circumstance you find yourself in. If you do have the opportunity to plan ahead, I recommend completing the KonMari Method before an expected change, particularly moving or renovating. Starting a new phase with a clean slate and a tidy mind affords not only order and security to big changes, but a fresh perspective and deeper understand of yourself and your home as you make decisions on the size and qualities of the space you need.

I don’t have that much stuff, but I still feel cluttered. Can you help me?

Of course! Clutter comes in many forms and sizes, and the method can be just as beneficial for someone with few things as one with many. It is not a question of how much you have, but rather if your items have purpose, bring you joy, and are stored in a way that facilitates an intentional relationship. If you have fewer things, you may find that the process can be completed in a shorter period of time.

I have ADD, ADHD, Hoarding Disorder, OCD, or other relevant health conditions. Can you help me?

If you feel that the KonMari method is right for you, I am happy to meet you wherever you are at in your life. I do not, however, have training or certification for these specific conditions. I provide an in-person consultation before the start of the process in which we can determine whether Organized Whimsy’s services are right for you together.