Tidying your life from the inside out to make room for your whimsy.

About Organized Whimsy

For now, it might be a thin and yet abiding voice telling you that this mess, this clutter, is not who you really are. That voice is a light inside, a story that wants to be told. Your clutter may in fact be an invitation to learn something more about yourself. Herein lies the true object of the tidying quest: to lift the shroud of clutter both physical and immaterial that obscures your true self, and to discovery whimsy - the wonderful, unique, and joyful things that make you, you!


What is KonMari?

What is this “joy” or “life changing magic”

that people talk about? 


The KonMari Method is a process for organizing your home once and for all (and then never again!) developed by Marie Kondo in Japan and popularized throughout the world by her books “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and it’s in-depth companion, “Spark Joy.” Marie was dissatisfied with the complexity, expense, and rebound of traditional organizing tips and tricks, and so she created a method to impart a more simplistic mindset of “choosing joy.”

Packages and Sessions

Mini-Home Package

Up to 4 sessions over a 4 month period, recommended for individuals living alone in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. 

Full-Home Package

Up to 7 sessions over a 6 month period, intended to tidy your home from start to finish, proceeding through each category of the KonMari Method.

Single Session

If you would like to try the KonMari method but are unsure, start with a single session and upgrade once you have seen the magic!

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